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 Calgary Traffic Cams

I found that the City of Calgary's traffic webcam site to be very poor, so I created this page to provide myself a simple central location to check all the cameras at once. I have received multiple requests for footage regarding traffic accidents, and I regret that I am simply not in a position to help. Even if I were to record the feeds, the refresh intervals are too far apart and the image quality is simply too low to be of any help to anyone. I assume the City of Calgary has better access to the feeds, but I do not know if they can help or even who you would ask.

Please note:

  • These webcams belong to the City of Calgary.
  • I do not record the feeds.
  • Cameras are fixed in location, but not direction, so views change.
  • If there is a difference between where the image's embeded location and where I where I list its location - the image is right. (Occasionally the city moves cameras or changes feeds).
  • Last Update : Aug 20, 2012

Peigan Tr, Barlow Tr SE

50 Ave, Barlow Tr SE

162 Ave, Macleod Tr S

Kensington Rd, Crowchild

4 Ave, 9 St SW

Glenmore Tr, Elbow Dr SW

Glenmore Tr, Elbow Dr SW

Heritage Dr, Macleod Tr

Bannister Rd, Macleod Tr

Bannister Rd, Macleod Tr

149 Ave, Macleod Tr S

149 Ave, Macleod Tr S

16000 Blk, Macleod Tr S

16000 Blk, Macleod Tr S

Glenmore Tr, Crowchild Tr

24 Ave, Crowchild Tr NW

Memorial Dr, Deerfoot Tr

17 Ave, Deerfoot Tr SE

22 Ave, Deerfoot Tr SE

34 Ave, Deerfoot Tr SE

Glenmore Tr, Blackfoot Tr

47 Ave, Deerfoot Tr SE

Southland Dr, 14 St SW

Heritage Dr, 14 St SW (Heritage Park)

Glenmore Tr, 14 St SW

Glenmore Tr, 14 St SW

Glenmore Tr, Macleod Tr S (Chinook Center)

Glenmore Tr, 1a St SW (Chinook Centre)

Nosehill Dr, Crowchild Tr

Memorial Dr, Edmonton Tr (Flyover)

42 Ave, Macleod Tr SW

6 Ave, 1 St

4 Ave, Macleod Tr S

11 Ave, Macleod Tr S

Memorial Dr, 10 St NW

5 Ave, 1 St SE

Crowchild Tr, Shaganappi (U of C)

16 Ave, 36 St NE (Coast Hotel)

16 Ave, 14 St NW (Sait)

Highfield Rd, Blackfoot Tr

Memorial Dr, 36 Ave SE (Marborough Mall)

Country Hills Blvd, Beddington Tr


Southland Dr, Macleod Tr

Bow Tr, Crowchild Trail

25 Ave, Spiller Rd

John Laurie Blvd, Shaganapi Tr

Southland, MacLeod Tr

32 Ave, Deerfoot Tr

16 Ave, Deerfoot Tr

McKnight Bv Deerfoot Trail

Glenmore Trail, Deerfoot Trail

Bow Trail, Westbound near Chev City

Bow Trail, Westbound - east of greyhound

Bow Trail (14th Street W turn off)

Bow Trail (Near 4th Ave SW interchange and 14th Street Bridge)

Memorial Drive #1 (East bound after 14th street overpass)

Memorial Drive #2 (Westbound before 14th street overpass)

Memorial Drive #3 (Near 10th Street)

17 Avenue, Sarcee Trail

Bow Trail, 33 Street

17 Avenue, 37 Street

Bow Trail, Sarcee Trail

17 Avenue, 69 Street


Country Hills Boulvard, Deerfoot

64 Ave, Deerfoot

16 Avenue, 52 Street NE

Southland Dr, Deerfoot Trail

Barlow Trail, Deerfoot Trail



Country Hills Blvd, 36 Street

Glenmore Trail, Barlow Trail

114 Avenue, Barlow Trail

Glenmore Trail, 84 Street

114 Avenue, 84 Street

Country Hills Blvd, 112 Ave NW

Mcknight Blvd & Centre Street

12th Ave & Olympic Way SE

25 Avenue, Macleod Trail S

Bow Trail, Crowchild Trail